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Hi, I’m Cam Murdoch.The emerging landscape of Web3 is full of equal parts possibility and confusion. I utilize my years of digital marketing experience for artists and brands (most recently at Vayner Media for Gary Vee) along with my first-hand experience as a musician, educator, and community builder in Web3 to help creators and brands navigate the metaverse, blockchain, crypto, smart contracts & NFTs while getting the most out of integrating these new technologies into their life.





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Web3 Education

I’m available to for conference presentations & panels in addition to performing 1:1 or group onboarding workshops. Below are just a few examples of my experience education and onboarding in Web3.Available links lead to recordings

Consultation Services

Past Clients

  • Oohlala.xyz (Marketing, Brand Ambassador)

  • Consensys NFT (Product Review/Development, Event Curation)

  • Mint Split (Product Review)

  • R3vl.xyz (Product Review)

  • Zoratopia (Panelist, Performer)

  • Dreams Never Die, Inc. (Smart Contract Creation)

  • Beets DAO (Event Curation, Community Management)

  • Mint Songs (Product Review, Performer)

  • Dequency (Event Curation - Sponsor Liaison)

  • Everwave.xyz (Marketing, Community Management, Token/Beta Product Launch)

  • the402HQ (Product Review - Ongoing)

  • HiFi Labs (Educational Workshop - Smart Contract Creation)

  • EQ (Educational Workshop - Intro to Web3 Communities)

  • Quadio (Educational Workshop - Intro to Web3 Communities)

  • Dopr - (Community Management, Community Launch)

  • Superf3st (Co-founder)

  • ColorsxDAO (Founding partner)

  • Yebo Life (Event Curation, Sponsorship Sales,)

  • Crypto Cut$ (Event Curation - Soft Opening, Sponsorship Sales, Panel Moderator)

  • PRNS (Marketing and Community Consultation)

  • Allan Kingdom (Event Curation, Sponsorship Sales, Panel Moderator)

  • June (Web3 Onboarding, Release Strategy Consultation)

  • Oatmello (Community Management, Product Review)

  • Siimbiie Lakew (Event Curation, Sponsorship Sales, Panel Moderator)

  • June Jissle (Community Moderation, Talent Booking, Web3 Onboarding)

  • Jazii (Audio Engineering, Graphic Design, Release Strategy Consultation)

  • Houndtrack (Smart Contract Consultation)

  • Scolla (Smart Contract Consultation)

  • Brooke D (Smart Contract Consultation)

  • WYMN (Smart Contract Consultaiton)

  • Jamee Cornelia (Smart Contract, Marketing, Release Strategy Consultation)

  • Blk Orchid (Smart Contract Consultation, Marketing)

  • Era Hardaway (Web3 Consultation, Paid Media)

  • ANYWHEREBUTHOME (Marketing, Paid Media, Web3 Onboarding)

  • DAWIT N.M. (Web3 Onboarding, Marketing)

  • Skuzii (Marketing, Paid Media)


Past Work

Event Ideation
Talent Booking
Partnership Management

Event Ideation
Talent Booking
Partnership Management

Graphic Design (Flyer, Sponsorship Pitch Deck)
Event Ideation
Location Scouting
Talent Booking
Hosting (Live “Soul Talk” Interview with Allan Kingdom & Siimbiie Lakew)

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SHAKE: Tales From The Grip

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